Comprehensive organization of wedding in Poland

We will help to deal with legalities relevant to organize humanistic, concordat, civil and outdoor civil wedding. What’s more, we will take care of organizing your wedding reception holisticly. We will recommend subcontractors meeting your artistic, visual and financial expectations. We will be with you all the time through arrangements, coordinating a wedding day in chosen facility or place in Poland.

Comprehensive organization of wedding in Europe

Thanks to the happy couples’ trust, we managed to organize wedding receptions in such countries as Austria and Italy. It will be pleasure to help you to realize your wedding dreams in every corner of Europe.

Partial organization of weddings

This service is for happy couples, who decided to cooperate with the agency only for help with a few elements of the wedding. We will join the planning an the moment chosen by you, and we will help you to organize only some parts of the wedding.

Coordination of the wedding

If the stage of wedding arrangements is already behind you, and there is only the wedding day ahead, we are also at your disposal. We will create the celebration scenario, contact each subcontractor chosen by you, set all the details. We will supervise the proceedings of the day until 00:30am

Organization of the events

We are not afraid of challenges and every time for organizing private or corporate party is a good time. So we will help you to organize portentous galas, birthdays, baby showers and many more. Let’s celebrate!

Terms of cooperation

Inspiro Wedding Consultant agency is not only a convenience, but first of all it is a guarantee of success. With us, there is no place for flaws or shortcomings. A wedding planner will take care of every detail reacting to your needs on a regular basis. With us, you can focus on celebration of love and getting excited about a new path of life


Contact us on the phone +48 603 085 550 or with e-mail.

First meeting

Every cooperation begins with a pleasant talk, during which we get to know the most about you in a lax atmosphere. We become acquainted with your expectations and ideas. We will introduce our agency and the terms of cooperation.


After the meeting we will prepare a proposal of cooperation, a schedule and we will formulate an initial budget. After getting familiar with our proposals, you have time to make a decision

Signing a contract

After acceptance of our offer we sign a contract. The cooperation is determined by the set schedule, according to which we present offers of every stage of realization. At all times we propose many different options – you always get a few
proposals of solutions – venues, menu, music, photographers etc. It enables to control your expences on a regular basis and adjust choices to your expectations. We are in touch constantly.

Coordination of the wedding day

We are there for you on this special day and we make sure it follows the scenario. We settle an account with service providers and conclude postnuptial formalities if it is your wish.

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