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Inspiro Wedding Agencja Ślubna

Principles of cooperation

Inspiro Wedding Consultant wedding agency is not only convenience but the most importantly – guarantee that everything is going to work. At our place there is no room for shortcomings! Wedding consultant will take care of every detail – will react immediately to your needs. With us you can only focus on the celebration of your love and being excited about your new way of live.

Inspiro Wedding Agency – Wedding Planner Agency

Every cooperation starts with pleasant conversation in a cheerful, free atmosphere in which we are trying to know everything about you. We meet your expectations, ask about your imagine wedding and what is the most important for us. Wedding and reception organization is a numerous elements which need to be match, so we decide more or less how your wedding is supposed to be and because of that we can show you indicative costs of the wedding.


After you decide how big the size of the consultant work will be – there is a formality step. We create a contract which tells you specific the range of our services which be provided for you and amount of costs and form of payment. We also show indicative cost of the wedding and reception according to previous guidelines.  


Cooperation runs according to previously decided schedule and in harmony with it we show you offers about specific steps of realization. During the whole period of cooperation we propose you varieties of options- you always receive a couple of solutions – place, menu, music, photographers, etc. It allows you to be informed about costs and modulated choices to your expectations.


In accordance with previously established schedule, we present to you offers from which you choose the best for you. We finalize some steps until we button everything up. Thanks to many year experience we know when we need to take care of specific organization of chosen elements, making sure that everything will be consistent and on time. We have extremely rich base of checked subcontracts and counterparties who are the guarantee of the best quality.

Always for your disposal

We adjust to your needs in frequency and form of contact. The most convenient way is by the phone and e-mail – it allows to spare your time. But if you want to meet with us and talk to us with delicious coffee – We can meet in every moment.

 Flexible and individual

If on any step of realization will occur some doubts or some new ideas pop in your head, which you would like to discuss – we are here for you with advice and help.

Full readiness. In the set time everything is ready. Every detail is refined to perfection and there are no unpleasant surprises. You sleep peacefully and we make sure that nothing is left out. Just before the ceremony, there are nerves – you are excited about the upcoming wedding and wedding – we are with you all the time and we are ready to calm down any anxiety that is affecting you.

 We work together until the very end. The range of our services covers absolutely every aspect of the preparation. So if you dream about a fairy-tale wedding and a wedding, if you do not know how to get organized, if you are scared by the amount of elements, you are afraid you will not make it or make bad choices – or more mundane, you just have no time to deal with such a big undertaking but you want to be sure that everything will work – we invite you to cooperation!